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Unlock the Sweet Secrets of Gorilla Zkittlez Seeds

Gorilla Zkittlez seeds are rapidly becoming a favorite among cannabis fans. Developed by the renowned breeder, Cookie Fam Genetics, these seeds result in high-THC and low-CBD plants that produce an incredibly strong body stone with some cerebral effects as well. Gorilla Zkittlez is also prized for its powerful aroma of sweet tropical fruit and diesel fuel. The buds are extremely dense, providing growers with excellent yields if grown correctly. Cultivators can expect to harvest their crops approximately 9 weeks after germination and should plan on using support structures like netting or cages to help keep the heavy branches from breaking under their own weight. With such potent effects that appeal to recreational users as well as medical marijuana patients alike, it's no surprise why Gorilla Zkittlez continues to be one of the most popular strains around today!

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