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This unusual tooth is the first fossil evidence of Denisovan in


In 2018, a child living in the village of Long Gua Pa in northeastern Laos approached a team of archaeologists and was eager to show them a cave full of bones. The crew began drilling into the cement-like walls of the cave. It revealed the remains of ancient rhinos,

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tapirs, pigs, rodents and a single human-like molar. Now, researchers have identified the teeth as Denisovan's teeth. A mysterious cousin of Neanderthals and modern humans who likely died about 30,000 years ago,

the new discovery is the first fossil evidence for Denisovans in Southeast Asia. and supporting DNA clues in the modern indigenous populations these ancient peoples once roamed the region.

"We thought Denisovan was in Southeast Asia ... but we just didn't have fossils for it," said University of Toronto paleontologist Benz Viola. which analyzed the Denisovan teeth but was not involved in the new study, said “This one was in the right place at the right time

9 months ago
China's first self-grown undersea Christmas tree for oil drillin

China's first self-developed subsea Xmas tree system put into operation -  Global Times


An undersea Christmas tree system developed by China's first indigenous peoples has begun to operate in the Yingge Sea, south China's Hainan Province. It is an important step for the country in deepwater oil and gas exploration.

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The Undersea Christmas Tree System is an essential equipment for offshore oil and gas drilling and extraction. The system connects deep sea oil wells to pipelines. Able to control oil or gas content well during extraction and perform real-time monitoring.

The subsea tree system consists of more than 2,500 components and weighs 55 tons, is designed to safely separate oil reservoirs and ensure the safety of underwater work.

Undersea Christmas trees must operate stably in a low-temperature, high-pressure environment for two decades. This makes it difficult to design and build factories.

10 months ago
Google's text-to-image AI creates the weirdest images you can im


A plumber riding a dinosaur? Google says its AI Imagen system creates realistic images from text entered. Google has a new text-to-image AI that the company says is superior to its competitors.

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A program called Imagen uses text, for example, "Photo of a Persian cat wearing a cowboy hat and a red shirt playing guitar on the beach," and as a result, Imagen can create photo-realistic images or display art. Other images include DALL-E, VQ-GAN+CLIP,

and Latent Diffusion Models. When asked to compare images created by Imagen and other text-to-image generators, Google said that people found this model to outperform its competitors. in terms of precision and image fidelity

Google has shared examples of AI-generated prompts and images on the Imagen website, including gems like "Cute corgi live in a house made of sushi," but these may only show the best results. Google declined to comment for this story.

10 months ago
Can hydrogen alleviate Germany's dependence on Russian gas?


The war in slot Ukraine has upended Germany's energy policy.

The nation currently buys around 25% of its oil and 40% of its gas from Russia, contributing billions of euros a year to Moscow's finances.

Germany is moving "as fast as possible" to end that relationship, but it will take time, the country's finance minister recently said.

Veronika Grimm is an economics professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and one of Germany's three special advisors to the federal government, called Economic Sages.

We need to diversify and decarbonise our energy sources faster than initially planned," she says. To help achieve that goal, Ms Grimm wants the nation to "ramp-up" its use of hydrogen.

Hydrogen can store vast amounts of energy, replace natural gas in industrial processes, and power fuel cells in trucks, trains, ships or planes that emit nothing but vapour of drinkable water.


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