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3 months ago
Is It Ever Okay To Use Exclusive Language?

Inclusive language is incredibly nuanced. The short answer is yes—there are times when it’s okay to use exclusive language, depending on the words and the situation. If your girlfriend likes being referred to as “your girl” or “babygirl,” that’s between the two of you.

There are also some contexts, such as when writing fiction, where exclusive language is okay. Typically, this would be in cases of historical fiction or specific character dialogue. But still, be careful here. This isn’t a free pass.

You should still think about what it says about characters who keep referring to things they don’t like as “gay,” for instance. Even if it does fit the personality of a character, does it reflect negatively on you as the author of the piece?

While it may just be one word, it can impact how others view your writing and view you as a person. Just ask John Green how he feels about using exclusive language in his novel Paper Towns.

Really, though, it’s still best to default to inclusive language.

The more you think about it and practice it, the more it’ll become a natural extension of the way you speak and write. This will help you more naturally integrate inclusive language when doing public speaking events, talking to classmates, writing emails, and really just living in this big, diverse world of ours.

By the way, check out our express-essays.com rating on this.

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