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3 months ago
how to finish everything?

I filled out divorce papers https://onlinedivorcecalifornia.com/filing-for-divorce-in-orange-county/
My husband cheated on me and the first desire was of course to divorce him
But he cries and begs me to stay. I'm afraid I'll succumb to his persuasion. How not to do it?

3 months ago
just get through this period

I don't think I'll feel like such a wreck for very long. But until our documents https://gaonlinedivorce.com/divorce-in-augusta/ are not considered by the court and the divorce is not yet finalized, I will not feel better.

I'm still trying to lie low and just survive this period

3 months ago
Child support calculator that really works

Can anyone help me figure out how much child support I will receive after a divorce https://onlinedivorcewa.com/filing-for-divorce-in-pierce-county/. All calculators seem to be telling me completely different numbers. We have two children and we share custody 50/50.

3 months ago
i can't leave

We have quiet periods, and we even enjoy each other.

Every time it collapses, it hurts incredibly. There is no real intimacy between us anymore. We just have quiet periods when I'm sincere and trying to make it work, and he just sweeps everything under the rug.

I'm so alone and feel so hopeless. Maybe I need divorce https://paonlinedivorce.com/allegheny-county?

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