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Stages of Writing and Correct Formatting of the Essay

I told writingpapersucks.com how great they are. Their writers have got my back so many times, so it seems not enough just to thank them. Many people believe that studying in college is a cakewalk, but in fact, you don’t even have time to sleep 8 hours. 

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The structure of an essay in English

How many words should be in an English essay? Each exam has an optimum amount of written work. Usually the assignment involves writing a myassignmenthelp review that is between 180 and 320 words long, depending on the exam. If you intend to take the English test, it is advisable to check the required length of the written work in advance and practice writing a text of the appropriate length.

The structure of the English essay is universal for all exams. The written work consists of the following parts:

  • Title - the title of the essay, reflecting the topic of the narrative.

  • Introduction - 2-4 short sentences revealing the topic of the essay.

  • The main part - 2-3 paragraphs describing the essence of the essay. In them you need to reveal the topic as fully and competently as possible, give arguments and argue them.

  • Conclusion - 2-4 sentences summarizing what you have written. In this part you make a general conclusion on the topic of the essay.

Each of the paragraphs in the main body of the essay begins with an introductory sentence (Topic Sentence), this is the "introduction" to the paragraph. Subsequent sentences develop and confirm the thought expressed in the Topic Sentence.

To learn how to write essays strictly according to a plan and clearly structure your thoughts, use theeasyessay.com or readwritethink.org. On this resource, you will be able to make a plan for the perfect essay by following simple instructions. Practice writing papers according to such a plan, and it will be easier for you to write a good argumentative essay on the exam.



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