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about 1 month ago
Eye opening this week

This week my therapist asked a really good question.

— What can he offer YOU now?

The one who was out of the house and minding his own business. Although I still have hope for marriage - this was such a good question that really got me thinking VERY.

He can't offer me anything I want. So why keep chasing https://texasdivorce.online/tarrant-county-divorce/?

about 1 month ago
No contact drives me crazy...

Everyone says that this is one of the best ways, but it seems so difficult. We talked every day. Then he asked for a divorce https://flonlinedivorce.com/how-to-file-for-divorce-in-broward-county/, and we talked maybe once every two weeks. It's been almost a month now.

I just want to text him that I miss him even though he hasn't even been kind to me lately. I think I just miss my husband, not who he is now.

about 1 month ago
go out of my way to make it

Has anyone struggled with initiating a divorce https://onlinedivorceinpa.com/bucks-county-divorce/? My spouse wants to fix it, I don't think it can be fixed and it makes me feel guilty. I basically stay out of guilt at this point

about 1 month ago
Husband is an alcoholic

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. During this time, my husband sank deeper and deeper into alcoholism. Whenever I mention his drinking, he finds a way to turn the discussion around and turn it into an argument that I'm not perfect. Drinking has had a far greater impact on our finances and lives. I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but at what point can you leave https://onlinedivorceincalifornia.com/divorce-in-ventura-county/?

9 months ago
I can give advice

If your husband does not go to work, does not really leave the house, plays games all the time, or does not participate in family life, then it is time to divorce him https://onlinedivorcer.com/online-divorce-ohio
I had to do this with my ex and I have no regrets.

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